High-Flying Excitement Surpasses 1,000 Programs from Christopher Bianez on Vimeo.

Officer Christopher Bianez and Sergeant Lindy Privett, of the Plano Police Department, delivered High-Flying Excitement and a Knockout Message Bettye Haun Elementary's Red Ribbon 2013 assembly. This is the 12th consecutive year that Haun has hosted this program at their school. Officer Bianez and Sergeant Privett have now delivered over 1,000 programs reaching over 500,000 elementary students. For more information visit: www.highflyingexcitement.com

Officer Chris Bianez and Sergeant Lindy Privett would like to thank the many schools for over 15 years of support. Due to his demanding schedule, Lindy Privett needed to retire from doing programs.

Officer Bianez has now partnered with Fenton Fulgham and they are proud to introduce their new assembly titled: