“Everyone was laughing, cheering, and answering in unison.  A great impression and 
well remembered message make this program a winner for all.”

4th Grade Team Leader


Officer Christopher Bianez and Sergeant Lindy Privett, of the Plano Police Department, take educational fun to new heights with exciting trampoline and martial arts demonstrations and your choice of message:

    ★ Proud to be Drug-FREE! - (Red Ribbon 2017 Assembly - Accepting reservations now)


    ★ Choices and Consequences!

    ★ Be Buddies Not Bullies!

    ★ Personal Safety for Kids!


    ★ Cornerstones of Character!

The program has a proven track record, with over 1,000 presentations delivered, reaching more than 500,000 elementary students over the past thirteen years and is appropriate for pre-K - 6th grade.  

The assembly is well paced, has kid-friendly language, and captures the students’ attention with exciting action which enhances the important message.  


Bianez and Privett are experienced presenters, who as police officers, are uniquely positioned to deliver important messages on personal safety, bullying, drugs, character development, and life-skills.  Their experience includes:


  • Delivered over 1,000 High-Flying Excitement and a Knockout Message elementary programs, reaching over  500,000 children over the past thirteen years
  • Special training in educating children about safety, resisting peer pressure, drugs, violence, and life skills.
  • Facilitated more than 3,900 standup delivery life-skills lessons (e.g., drug-free, violence-free, resisting peer      pressure, media influences of drugs, building self-esteem, making decisions about risky behavior, etc.), in elementary school classrooms, over a three year period.
  • Over 35 years combined law enforcement experience.
  • Over three decades combined public speaking experience.



    1 program - $1,000.00

    2 programs - $1,750.00*

    3 programs - $2,500.00*

*Multiple program discounts (25%) are available for schools that desire or require multiple programs, provided the following:


  • the programs are at the same location
  • the time frame between programs is close (usually set 1 hour apart; e.g 8:30 & 9:30; or 12:45 and 1:45)
  • the programs do not require more than one set up
  • Schools receive a 25% discount off multiple programs.**

** If the multiple program will require moving the equipment to a new area, or clearing the area and setting up at a later time, or there is a significant time delay between programs, then the multiple program discount will not apply.

Travel fees are added if the program is beyond 50 miles from Plano, Texas.  Mileage fees are applicable for mileage beyond a total 100 miles (round trip).  Mileage fees are calculated at $0.56 cents per mile.

If overnight stays are necessary a $35.00 per diem, per person (Bianez/Privett) plus lodging.  If airfare and/or car rental is necessary, then venue will reimburse incurred expenses. 


Indoor facility with minimum ceiling height of 17 feet.  We do not do outdoor programs.  

Our set-up foot print is 30 feet x 30 feet.  


We need access to the performance area 90 minutes prior to the start of the first program, in order to set up equipment, test sound system, and prepare for the program. 

We need about an hour following the end of the program to pack everything up and clear the area.


We come with everything we need for our program, including a complete sound system. 

We need access to electricity within 100 feet.  

Venue to provide chair set up for staff, PTA/PTO members, and guests.




High-Flying Excitement Surpasses 1,000 Programs from Christopher Bianez on Vimeo.

Officer Christopher Bianez and Sergeant Lindy Privett, of the Plano Police Department, delivered High-Flying Excitement and a Knockout Message Bettye Haun Elementary's Red Ribbon 2013 assembly. This is the 12th consecutive year that Haun has hosted this program at their school. Officer Bianez and Sergeant Privett have now delivered over 1,000 programs reaching over 500,000 elementary students. For more information visit: www.highflyingexcitement.com

“Wow!!!!! This program was by far THE BEST I have ever seen!!!!  The message was perfect and exactly what our students needed to hear.”

Lila Wright, Principal